Removal of Skin Irregularities | Vascularities

This is a simple, quick and effective treatment during which blemishes may be eliminated immediately and the healing takes place within 7 to 12 days depending on depth of blemish.  Typically one to three treatments are all that is needed. When treating small capillaries, a mild current is introduced, causing the blood to thicken and remain in the damaged capillary.  The body then absorbs the unused capillary.

The application of a small probe that utilizes high frequency current and radio wave frequency allows for the removal or correction of various skin growths and capillary conditions.  We are able to precisely target the unwanted tissues without damaging surrounding tissue.  The Lam Probe can treat all manner of keratoses, milia, cysts,cherry angiomas and vascular lesions caused by rosacea, heredity, or constant exposure to stimulants such as alcohol, caffeine, hot drinks and high blood pressure.  We are often asked if it hurts.  Simply, the probe has a zing to it and everyone has a different pain tolerance.  It is not without discomfort, but tolerable and the rewards are great.

Please ask for a complimentary consult for a reasonable and fair quote for treatment.  Far less expensive than the effort it takes to get to a dermatology appointment and we are very thorough and expeditious. Just show us all of your growths, capillaries, skin tags and or angiomas.  This service typically takes 15 minutes or less for $25.