We are excited to offer the Dermatude Metatherapy/Microneedling method of remodeling the skin with a painless series of nine treatments that create micropunctures in the skin to push a highly active subjectable ampoule directly into the dermal layer.   The purpose of the custom subjectable is to quickly stimulate collagen and elastin fibers to regenerate creating a plumpness to the skin.  Invasive needling treatments are added to target specific pesky wrinkles located in the forehead, eye, and lip areas to reduce the depth of the wrinkles and to plump surrounding tissues.  We are proud to be the only aesthetic facility offering this highly efficacious treatment in the entire region. Call or email for more information or go to the Dermatude website to watch videos for more explanation and to view before and after results. http://www.dermatude.com/before-after-pictures/