SpaBlue | Driving Directions | NS

 SpaBlue is located on the north side of Spokane just north of Target off of Hwy 2 or we can be accessed from Hastings Rd, also.  We are in a subdivision called "Forest Glen" and share our street, Guinevere Drive, with the subdivision "Camelot".

From the valley It is much faster to go the back way or by way of Argonne Rd. 

- If you are on the freeway, take the Argonne exit and stay north on Argonne.  Continue north on Argonne until you are out in the agricultural area and will take your first turn at a four way stop on to Peone Prairie Rd.  There is a little farmhouse at the stop on the left.

-Continue west until you reach a stop sign.  Turn right on Market.

-At next light, take a left on to Farwell Rd.  The fire station is on left when waiting to make the left on to Farwell Rd.  Continue west until you reach the intersection of Farwell and Hwy 2 (Newport Hwy).

-Continue straight or west thru the intersection and about a 1/2 mile on your left you will have to pay close attention to see the entrance to Forest Glen. ( If you were to miss the opening and find yourself at the Wandermere Shopping Center, turn around and look on your right for the opening.) Turn left into the subdivision and you are on Guinevere Drive. The house will be up on the left at 12114 N. Guinevere Drive.  To view a picture of the front of the house, click on the Virtual Tour on the home page.

- There are parking spaces in the direction you are driving across from the house on your right side or park in the driveway or flip around and park directly in front of this house.

From the South Hill area:  You will be wanting Hwy 2/Newport Hwy if you are coming up Nevada or Division Street.  At the Y, stay to the right or when coming up Nevada, merge on to Hwy 2. 

-The opening to the Camelot subdivision is on the left  just past the Hico Gas Station at the corner of Nevada and Hwy 2 and if you see the ABC Mini Storage on the right, you will need to get in the middle turn lane so as not to miss the Camelot turn.

-Turn left into Camelot, go to the stop sign at end of that street.  Turn right on Guinevere Drive.  Go past the park on your left and start down the hill and you are in Forest Glen.  Watch for the house at 12114 N. Guinevere on your right.  Red paint at the gables.

-Park in the driveway or directly in front of the house or directly across the street (have to turn around to access those spaces).  Please do not park in front of neighbor's house

Please drop us a line below if you have any further questions.