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Massage is considered a component and extension of many of our facial treatments and enhances the results by stimulating blood flow.  However, we strive to be adaptive and flexible to clients of all economic levels and we have found it important to create facials that have the ability to affect incredible changes in the skin without the element of luxury extended with the addition of massage. You will see many options that do not include extra massage.  We strive to include a "spa experience" into every facial service we offer because that is what we would want to experience.

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35 Minutes | Simply Dermalplaning Mini Treatment| $50

Dermalplaning is our most popular treatment performed using a medical blade by our skilled aestheticians.  Highly effective at removing excess, fine, vellus hair, or peach fuzz.  Ideal prior to special event makeup application (or sunny vacations) for a flawless finish.  Other benefits include deeper product penetration for superior results; effective even for clients on retinoid therapies where waxing is contraindicated and for pregnant or nursing clients.
This treatment is our express version, which also includes a brow wax and shaping, lip and chin cleanup and thorough removal of all hair down past the jawline onto the neck.  Clients have been known to alternate monthly dermalplaning facials with this one and either the clinical dermalplaning treatment or the dermalplaning facial deluxe for a more comprehensive deep cleansing.

80 Minutes | Extended Dermalplaning Resurfacing Facial | $100

Includes the dermal resurfacing with brow wax, chin and lip sugaring; exfoliation and enzymes with steam and warm towels; always includes extractions; nutritious serums and a customized mask; hand and arm massage; and the perfect finishing products completes this lovely treatment.  Eliminates all the peach fuzz and gives you baby smooth, deeply cleansed, brighter and firmer skin.

70 Minutes | Minus 10 Years Reverse Time Facial | $85

Give your skin a luminous glow.  An elevated facial that uses acids to enhance the results.  SpaBlue recommends that this service should be done as a series performed every 1-2 weeks for 3 sessions depending on how challenged the skin is.  This is an exclusive Rhonda Allison Signature Facial of the Year for 2015. Hand & arm massage included.

85 Minutes | Minus 10 Years Reverse Time Facial With Microdermabrasion | $105

 The addition of microdermabrasion increases penetrability of the highly active acids and vitamins that will stimulate, repair and rejuvenate your skin.  Collagen production is given a boost and the skin responds with a luminous glow.  This elevated facial is a perfect place to start your transformation.  Hand & arm massage included.

60 Minutes | SpaBlue Designer Facial | $80

Includes extractions a soothing neck, shoulder and arm massage.  This facial has been created especially for you!

  • DELIBERATE on your skin care needs.
  • DETERMINE the best cleansers, enzymes, serums, masks ...
  • DEFINE new ways to care for your skin.
  • DIVINE!!

50 Minutes | Clinical Dermalplaning Treatment | $70

This treatment was created for speed and efficiency for the busy client that wants to eliminate the fine facial hair yet still receive a thorough exfoliation with scrub, steam, enzymes and extractions. Finishing products are applied as well. This service also includes a brow, lip and chin wax if not contraindicated. This service was added to our menu many years ago and very quickly became our #1 most requested facial.

50 Minutes | Brightening Microdermabrasion Mini Treatment  |  $58

Cleansing, microdermabrasion, scrub and a warm towel, enzyme with steam and extractions followed by finishing products are all included to expeditiously see  great results FAST!  Clinical, without the luxury. to address multiple skin issues and provide instant brightening and anti-aging results which can be extended with use of proper professional home care products.  Add hair removal services to this facial or even a lash tinting!

75 Minutes | Brightening Microdermabrasion Extended Facial | $85

Warm towels, provide multiple levels of exfoliation with a scrub, microderm, steam with enzyme massaged in, extractions, nutrient cocktail and mask. You will also receive a hand and arm massage; which will leave you feeling relaxed and your skin rejuvenated. This is a fabulous treatment for an amazing price.

60 Minutes | Arctic Berry Illuminating Peptide Facial-Sun Safe | $85

Awaken sluggish skin to reveal the skin's natural inner beauty with a no down-time, sun safe, peel with plumping peptides treatment that includes an invigorating mask and hand and arm massage. This exquisite facial uses Eminence products with a blend of arctic berries, lingonberry seed oil and hibiscus seed extract from will leave all skin types including rosacea, sensitive, and acne prone types luminous.

75 Minutes | Arctic Berry Illuminating Peptide Facial with Microdermabrasion | $98

Add the extra exfoliation quality and increased blood flow from vacuuming with the baking soda microderm machine  to make this one of SpaBlue's most effective and favorite go-to facials for our skin care therapists to address multiple skin issues.  Hand & arm massage included.



75 Minutes | Mommy To Be Customized Facial | $85

This facial is customized for the challenges during pregnancy; acne, melasma and rosacea. A safe, relaxing indulgence that will replenish the skin to reveal a youthful, glowing complexion that will keep the mommy-to-be sparkling through her entire pregnancy.  Hand & arm massage included.

Teen Skin Therapy


SpaBlue's Triple Teen Philosophy

  • TACKLE- Toxins, oil & congestion.
  • TAME- Inflammation & acne.
  • TEACH-  Analysis & lesson in our tried & true secrets for healthy, glowing skin.  Being a teen just got better!!

115 Minutes | Teen Dream Facial with Back Acne Facial | $98

The Teen Facial and an intensive exfoliation & decongesting of the back area.

75 Minutes | Teen Dream Facial | $70

We really go for it in this power-packed facial meant to thoroughly decongest the skin with a deep cleansing; exfoliation & warm towel; enzyme application with steaming; extractions (we keep going until u say stop!); serums & an appropriate mask; hand & arm massage (to take the edge off the extraction process); warm towel removal & finishing products.


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