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Spas have become synonymous with overpriced luxury that are created with a corporate, sleek feel. SpaBlue has been built upon a sincere expression of authenticity.  An authentic expression to create skincare and massage services that give exceptional outcomes, and consequently, develop lasting relationships.  SpaBlue, albeit created under a different name, started with aesthetician, Ronda Castillo in 1993, with the desire to treat skin as an extension of one’s self.  Having suffered with years of cystic acne and the emotional trauma that accompanies acneic conditions, Ronda attended beauty school.  News flash! Everything an aesthetician learns may not be derived from beauty school but may come from post-graduate education.  Ronda has continued to focus on education and teaching and has surrounded herself with uber-talented therapists that share her love of learning.  Our team ideology has culminated into a spa that thrives, because we strive to fulfill our clients’ expectations with an emphasis on quality services achieved with a sense of humor and total enjoyment of our jobs and for our clients!  We appreciate your business and look forward to you being one of our special clients.  We hope you will trust us to be your spa of choice;  for yourself or a loved one. 

We thank you in advance!!