SpaBloom Pedicures & Manicures - SpaBlue North Services

SpaBloom Quickie Mani w/ French or Regular Polish - $20 (30 mins)

Cleanup of cuticles and nails with perfect polish application

SpaBloom Manicure - $25 (45 minutes)

Includes a salt glow, cuticle & nail trim, massage & traditional OPI polish application. Add Shellac or OPI Gel polish for an additional $11 and extend polish life to 3 weeks.

SpaBloom Paraffin Manicure w/ French or Regular Polish - $30 (55 mins)

55 minute mani w/a salt glow, cuticle and nail trim, paraffin, stress relieving massage & your choice of French or regular polish.

SpaBloom Quickie Shellac Mani or Pedi - $25 (45 mins)

A cleanup of cuticles & nail beds to prepare for Shellac Gel polish application.

Shellac Maintenance Mani or Pedi - 30.00 (60 minutes)

60 minute removal & reapplication of gel polish. No frills-just working with the nail bed to prep for polish. Feel like having fun? Add custom nail art to your application for $3 per nail.

Spabloom Paraffin Manicure w/ Shellac Gel Polish - $39 (75 minute)

75 minute manicure w/ paraffin & massage that includes a perfect application of 3 week Shellac or OPI Gel polish.

SpaBloom Ultimate Mani/Pedi Package - $80 and with your choice of nail art for 2 toes of ultimate nail art (2.5 hours)

1 1/2 hr parafffin pedicure and 55 minute paraffin manicure with your choice of 2 toes of ultimate nail art.

SpaBloom Pedicure - 40.00 (65 minute)

65 minute pedicure that concentrates on clinically removing cuticles & callouses. A lovely massage & your choice of polish finishes off this relaxing treat for the feet! Add Shellac for only $11 more

SpaBloom Ultimate Pedicure - 50.00 (1 1/2 hours)

This is an indulgent treat for your tired feet. Clinical removal of callouses & cuticles, sea salts & oil to exfoliate more deeply & paraffin to moisturize. Add a lovely deep massage & polish application & you will have beautiful feet.

SpaBloom Mani/Pedi Combo - $60 (1.5 hrs)

Don't have a lot of time but need a thorough cleanup and polishing of feet and hands? This is the combo for you! One hour pedi & 1/2 hour mani that will feel like hours of indulgence! Add $3 for French Polish Application on feet or hands.